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Healing Hypericum Roll On


An absolute essential for any natural first aid kit, I keep Healing Hypericum Oil on hand around my home.

The use of Hypericum perforatum (St John's wort) as a herbal remedy dates back to Hippocrates and the ancient Greeks. It remains popular as a treatment for anxiety, depression, cuts, insect bites and burns.

This handy little roll-on is great to keep with you when out and about, especially with little people in tow. Dab it on temples for headaches, to calm nerves and aid sleep. Apply immediately to mosquito bites, spider bites, green ant bites and bee stings for rapid relief.

Combined with essential oils of lavender and peppermint infused in virgin olive oil, this all natural Hypericum Oil is made in small batches in rural NSW by Pat Collins Herbal Health.


As a child growing up on a farm, Pat Collins developed a love of plants, particularly weeds and their healing properties. Having completed a Diploma of Herbal Medicine in 1989, she has been practicing herbalism in NSW's Hunter Valley for over two decades. She has written numerous easy-to-use books on weeds and using natural remedies at home and extensively runs workshops and courses.