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Herbal Infused Facial Elixir : Greens Detox


Naturopathic herbal facial oil, lovingly handcrafted from organically grown botanicals, offering the highest grade green elixir boost for your skin.

This nourishing oil based serum is packed with potent healing botanicals:

Milk thistle seed oil - a potent antioxidant and detoxifier in the skin, helping clear toxins and pollution out of the pores

Tamanu oil - with its intense green colour of chlorophyll, used for decades in healing old scares and enriching nutrients back into the skin.

Greens from Spearmint and Gotu kola infused sweet almond oil, both used extensively on healing androgenic prone acne skin and increasing natural collagen production.

Papaya and grapeseed extract, naturally antibacterial, helping support the skins microbiome and barrier. 

Created by second generation naturopath, Mim Lowe, with botanicals organically grown on her flourishing family farm at the foot of the rolling hills of North-West Tasmania. Naturopathic Alchemy, produce clean facial and body oils with organic, eco-friendly ingredients, zero nasties, vegan and cruelty-free. 

Use: Pour 1 drop into the finger tips and move into circular motions around the cheeks, forehead and neck. Blend in up to the under eye but please wash out if contact with eyes occur. Use twice a day after cleansing.

Ingredients: Milk thistle seed oil, Gotu Kola & spearmint infused sweet almond oil, tamanu oil (natural green colour) coffee bean extract, grapeseed extract (citricidal-naturally dervied).

15ml glass bottle, looking beautiful on your bathroom shelf. Minimally packaging in a cardboard box, a nurturing gift for someone you love, including yourself!

Discontinue use if any reaction or allergy occurs. Do not inhale or ingest, keep away from children. Keep away from face, eyes and sensitive areas. Not to be used in replacement for any type of professional medical advice. 

Handmade in Tasmania by Naturopathic Alchemy