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Herbal Infused Body Oil : Blue Hydrangea


Naturopathic herbal body oils, lovingly handcrafted from organically grown botanicals, a divine skincare ritual.

Infused with blue hydrangea floral, in a liquid base of coconut oil and Sacha Inchi oil, designed to restore the skin's natural barrier, leaving your feeling nourished, soft and dewy.

Created by second generation naturopath, Mim Lowe, with botanicals organically grown on her flourishing family farm at the foot of the rolling hills of North-West Tasmania. Naturopathic Alchemy, produce one of the cleanest body oils around, with organic, eco-friendly ingredients, zero nasties, vegan and cruelty-free. 

Used by the indigenous people of Peru for centuries, Sacha Inchi oil has one of the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids, helping the skin restore it's natural barrier. Cold pressed extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the Sacha Inchi plant, its skin repair and anti-inflammatory effects can assist with dryness, itchiness and flaky skin, leaving it regenerated and moisturised. 

For a deluxe body ritual, find your favourite relaxing place of solitude and once comfortable, pour out a 20 cent piece amount of oil, gently rubbing into both hands to then be absorbed all over the body's beautiful lumps and bumps. For optimal use try rubbing upwards towards the heart for added circulation. 

15ml glass bottle, looking beautiful on your bathroom shelf. Minimally packaging in a cardboard box, a nurturing gift for someone you love, including yourself!

Ingredients : Fractionated coconut oil (omega-6), sacha inchi oil (omega-3 & vitamin E), dehydrated blue hydrangea, lime and sea salt fragrance oil.

Heads up : Being products of nature, the colour and flowers may be a slightly different in each product, often as a result of seasonal changes.

Discontinue use if any reaction or allergy occurs. Anyone with an allergy to coconut, pollen, essential oils, flowers or herbs should not use. Do not inhale or ingest, keep away from children. Keep away from face, eyes and sensitive areas. Not to be used in replacement for any type of professional medical advice. 

Handmade in Tasmania by Naturopathic Alchemy