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Heirloom Seeds : Autumn Planting

Heirloom Seeds : Autumn Planting


Nothing beats the pleasure of growing your own food, especially growing from seed.

Here we've gathered a selection of vegies, perfect for Cool Zone Autumn planting - ie planting in Castlemaine/Bendigo and surrounds in Mar-April-May.

Saved and passed down from generation to generation, heirloom seeds are old-time varieties (pre-dating the sixties) open-pollinated to capture exceptional taste, nutritional value, yield and disease resistance.

Choose from these heirloom varieties:

Romanesco Broccoli :a Brassica, similar in taste and texture to broccoli and cauliflower. Abundant in vitamins and minerals this is a nutrient packed beauty.

Cabbage ‘Savoy Purple’ : an early savoy cabbage with green inner heads, wrapped by deep purple leaves. Sweet, nutrient packed ‘superfood’ that stores well.

Carrot : smooth & slender bred for early harvesting as babies. Virtually coreless, deep-orange, juicy, crisp and very sweet, with minimal foliage allowing for denser plantings. For larger carrots, allow to mature in ground.

Kale ‘Dwarf Blue : a Russian variety producing frilled leaves. Cold hardy, very productive, can produce for well over a year, in between attacks from the white cabbage moth and its caterpillars.

Leek ‘Bulgarian Giant’ : a long thin leek of the best quality light green leaves. Fine autumn variety with long growing period, of up to 6-9 months, they store well in ground during the cooler months.

Mustard : a broad leafed mustard with large aromatic light green leaves. All parts of the plant are used—roots, shoots, stems and leaves. Great in soup, salad, stir-fry and pickled.

Onion ‘Japanese Red Beard’ : a red stemmed bunching (or spring) onion. Easy to grow and suited to variety of soil types. Rather than harvest the entire onion, cut down for it to regenerate and produce subsequent harvests.

Onion ‘Gladalan White’ : produces medium to large sized white bulbs. Can be grown as an autumn or spring crop. Sweet and mild, great cooked or roasted, or even better raw in salads and sandwiches.

Radish ‘Cherry Belle’ : a fast maturing variety producing a crisp radish with a mild pepper flavoured crunch. Its roots are globe shaped and smooth textured. 

Rocket ‘Salad’ : easy to grow, at most times of the year. A mildly spicy flavour, that increases in pungency as it shoots its flower heads, it can be productive for a number of months through the flowering process.

Spinach ‘Bloomsdale’ : a popular old home garden variety, Bloomsdale is a heavy yielding, hardy spinach with large glossy thick dark green leaves.


Turnip ‘Purple Top’ : smooth, round roots, averaging 7-10cm in diameter, this turnip is white below the soil line and bright purple above. Its large, lobed greens are also edible and should not be wasted.

Based in Melbourne, The Little Veggie Patch Co. has been dedicated to helping people grow food since 2008. Each seed pack comes with detailed growing instructions. Choose from these popular vegetables or see separate listing for edible flowers and herbs.