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Grandma Said Belly Warmer


A simple garment for comfort seekers …pure warmth, pure pleasure and pure comfort.
BE snug and warm … you really don’t need to ever be cold again.
No tug, tug, tugging your top to cover the lower back gap.
A gentle little hug for sore kidneys, achey lower backs, or tummy issues.
Girls, monthly couch cosy time – a secure pocket to tuck in a hot water bottle.

Support for precious pregnant bellies.
POST-OP is pure bliss for delicate stitches.  
Wear your slinky unbulky clothes in winter but still be soopa doopa warm.

The Grandma Said Belly Warmer is a tailored double layered tube of soft, organic cotton worn around your waist.
It covers your lower back and gives you  the gentle feeling of a warm hug over your tummy. 
Covers, warms and protects the fragile area of your mid and lower back, protecting your kidneys and shielding from sneaky updraft of cold air.
The snug fit gives you a feeling of taut waistline shape without being restrictively tight.
It’s easy to incorporate into your daily outfits for so many activities – hide it subtly or make it part of your layered look.
It feels beautiful against the skin and envelops you.

PERFECT FOR yoga, cycling, lounging, air conditioned offices, aeroplane travel, walking, hiking, camping, snowboarding, skiing, cancer and surgery convalescing, sleeping, baby bump and breast feeding, fishing, early morning paper run…every day in every way.

Often referred to as a kidney warmer or, in Japan, a haramaki:

• It’s extremely comfortable
• A snug fit, shaped to streamline midriff and not slip around
• Only one seam and no sharp or firm bits that dig in
• Double layered for extra warmth
• Durable fabric / two way stretch
• 90% organic cotton* + 10% spandex … NO pesticides against your skin!

*We have sourced the highest quality fair trade, organic cotton fabric, part of the OFC and Organic Exchange which ensure high quality standards.
The fabric is dyed using hydrogen peroxide and/or low impact fibre-reactive dyes with no azo, sulfa or heavy metals and the manufacturing mills adhere strictly to fair labour practices.
The combination of the design and quality (double layered) fabric means the garment will wear well and last longer than many stretch fabric garments do, especially given that it may be worn daily.

Available in olive and jet black in Sml, Med, Lge & XLge (see sizing below)

Handmade in Sydney by Grandma Said.