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Gift of Seeds Flower Mixes


Gift of seeds to enchant nature lovers and budding green thumbs young and old. Two delightful seed mixes to create enchanting flower gardens to capture the imagination of the child in us all.

Featuring original artwork by Daniella Germain, Gift of Seeds are both a beautiful card and a joyous gift experience for someone in your life, or even yourself.

Choose from two engaging gift card packs:

Enchanted Flower Garden : a delightful mix of flower seeds that will attract beautiful butterflies and bees and brighten any pot or garden patch. A mix of dianthus, cosmos, cornflower and alyssum, all are easy to grow garden favourites. Simply scatter seeds, cover with a thin layer of soil and keep moist. These quick growing seeds will pop up in a few days and delight any nature lover. 

Bug Wonderland : Discover the wonder of nature and create a colourful garden kingdom that bugs will love. Containing easy to grow old favourites dianthus, cosmos, cornflower and alyssum which will attract bees, butterflies and beneficial bugs as well as produce a delightful display of colour. Simply scatter seeds in the garden or into a pot with potting mix, lightly cover with soil, keep moist and wait for these quick growing seeds to pop up in a few days.

Each pack includes a packet of mixed seeds, a plastic illustrative plant label and sowing instructions, with a 100% recycled kraft envelope for mailing. Varieties: Cosmos sulphureus, Lobularia maritime, Dianthus barbatus, Centaurea cyanus

Made in Australia by Sow 'n Sow.