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Flower Child Steiner Doll #1


Gorgeous flower child Steiner doll, one-of-a-kind, botanically printed and traditionally handcrafted with all natural materials.

The foundational relationship between a child and their doll makes them the most significant toy a child will every own. A friend, confidante and playmate, these interactions develop the child's love, nurturing, friendship and ownership, the emergence of self.

These are dolls to be played with, to be dressed and washed, cared for at home and taken on adventures, to be part of the child's everyday life.

Botanically dyed with madder root and printed with oxalis flowers, pure wool bodysuit, organic cotton interlock face and hands, beeswax blush, mohair hair, with a hand spun and hand crocheted natural brown wool hat. This doll is approximately 39cm tall and will fit standard dolls clothes.

Truly unique, each doll has their own individual personality. An heirloom gift to be treasured for a lifetime.

Handmade with love by Young & Magic near Castlemaine.