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Elephant Paper Envelopes

Elephant Paper Envelopes


Embrace the lost art of letter-writing with these beautiful handmade envelopes. 

Naturally textured and coloured, the making of this stationery provides a clean, green, sustainable industry in rural Sri Lanka, while supporting wildlife conservation.

Sold in packs of 10, available in standard C6 size and generous square 16x16cm.

Choose from natural kraft brown, textured white, forest green, lime green, sky blue and navy blue.

So how is it made?

Turns out, elephants are the world's largest living pulp mills.

They produce about 100kg of dung every day, which is rich in cellulose and ideal for making paper using traditional handmade methods. Sun dried, boiled and sterilised, the pulp is mixed with recycled office waste for consistency, and spread onto screens to create sheets of paper. Instead of bleaches or acids, salt dyes are used to create the beautiful colours. The process takes about 13 days.

In 1997 Maximus saw the need for rural employment and conservation of the endangered Sri Lankan elephant and started producing elephant dung paper. Starting with just 7 employees, today this fair trade and sustainable company employs more than 200 people. The production of the paper directly contributes to the villagers’ income and a percentage of profits goes to elephant care through the Millennium Elephant Foundation.

Handmade in Sri Lanka by Maximus.