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Bridget Farmer's original dry point etchings of Australian native birds handmade in Australia available at Tribe Castlemaine

Original Dry Point Etchings: Unframed Small


A gorgeous series of miniature prints from Bridget Farmer, a local artist with an uncanny ability to capture the essence of each individual bird, all of whom she has personally connected with.
These original dry point etchings are inked by hand and pulled through a printing press on high quality Hahnemulhe cotton rag paper. 
Image Size - 5 x 5cm
Paper Size - 11.5 x 15 cm
A dry point etching is a print made from a metal plate which has been directly scratched into with a sharp point. The plate is inked, with excess wiped away leaving the ink only in the scratched lines. The plate is then pulled through pressured rollers and the ink is transferred from the plate onto the paper.
Handcrafted near Castlemaine by Bridget Farmer.