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DIY Advent Calendar : Message Envelopes


Create magical daily rituals in the lead-up to Christmas with this DIY Advent Calendar Kit - all about experiences instead of gifts.

Instead of gifts, this calendar focuses on experiences. 24 sweet little glassine envelopes each with an activity for the day. We've included 24 little notes with fun and creative ideas such as make your own Christmas wrapping paper, bake festive treats, go on an adventure. 

Of course, you can include your own notes, perfect for your family. Perhaps be guided by the themes of the four elements of Advent:


The first week of Advent is the light of the stones, that shine through the crystals, seashells and bones.

The second week of Advent is the light of the plants, that rise up to the sun and in the breeze dance.

The third week of Advent is the light of the beasts, the faith that we see in the greatest and the least.

The fourth week of Advent is the light of humankind, the light of hope and thought, to love and understand.

Advent historically celebrates the four weeks in anticipation of Christmas, a time of peace, warmth, light and gentle preparation. The Advent Calendar originated in Germany , with the first known Advent Calendar, which was made by handwork, being from the year 1851.

Create your own display - lovely in a row hanging on a garland of twine or perhaps hanging randomly around a simple branch tree.

Kit contains 24 little glassine envelopes (5x5cm) hole punched to allow for threading, 3 metres of festive cotton twine, 3 metres of jute twine, 24 little hand-stamped kraft card tags, 24 activity messages.

Handmade in Castlemaine by Elfin Trail.