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Washi Tape Butterfly Parade


Butterfly Parade washi tape - depicting hand painted Australian butterflies including Caper White, Ulysses butterfly, Monarch butterfly, Blue Tiger, Blue Triangle, Common Brown, Cairns Birdwing, Lemon Migrant and Northern Purple Azure.

Eco-friendly tape alternative - great for packaging, wrapping, journaling or crafting. 

Washi tape is a renewable product made from Japanese shrubs and hemp. It can be recycled and composted. There is some reuse to the product - it similar to a post-it note, it will become less tacky after multiple uses. Washi tape works well to wrap smaller objects, when using a matte wrapping paper, like kraft or tissue paper.

Each tape is 15mm high and 10m long.

Designed in Australia - hand painted watercolour illustrations by Sydney mum and artist, Isabelle Chaumont. In the absence of Australian washi tape manufacturers, these tapes are crafted in Donguong, China with traditional Japanese machines and techniques.