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Bridget Farmer Bird Lapel Pins - Tribe Castlemaine

Bridget Farmer Bird Lapel Pins


A lovely way to display your love of birds, especially those native to Australia. A great little gift for sending overseas.

Designed straight from her sketches, these quality hard enamel lapel pins make a lovely accessory. Choose one or collect a whole bunch. A great little gift for sending overseas.

Protecting our biodiversity, your purchase of some of these pins directly supports wildlife organisations in their work:

A proportion of the sales from the Black Throated Finch helps conserve this bird and it's habitat, currently under threat from the Adani Coal Mine.

A percentage of sales from the Hooded Plover is donated to BirdLife Australia to help preserve this and other endangered Australian birds. $5 from the sale of the Plains Wanderer is donated to Trust For Nature who are working to preserve this amazing birds habitat and thus protect the species. 

Numerous designs, largely birds native to Australia, with a few exotic species and something for lovers of chooks!

Presented on a small kraft card, each badge measures approximately 4-4.5cm wide.

Choose from:

Fairy Wren : one of Australia's favourite birds, always a delight to spot him flitting through the garden

Kookaburra : iconic symbol of Australia - perfect for overseas gift giving 

Zebra Finch : Australian native often kept as a pet overseas

Magpie : love them or fear them? 

Diamond Firetail : Australian native finch 

Ganggang : native cockatoo that sounds like a creaky gate 

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo : one of our favourite cockatoos

New Holland Honeyeater : nectar loving native

White Ibis : Australian native with a bad reputation

Willie Wagtail : tail-swishing native

Wood Duck : cute little native water bird

Plains-Wanderer : a small, ground-dwelling, grassland native, critically endangered with less than 1000 birds left in the wild

Black Throated Finch : currently threatened by the Adani coalmine

Wedge Tailed Eagle : Australia's largest bird of prey with a wingspan of over two metres

Swift Parrot : this critically endangered bird breeds in Tasmania and migrates to the mainland

Forty Spotted Pardalote : an extremely rare little bird found only in a small region of southern Tasmania

Spotted Pardalote : tricky to spot, one of Australia's smallestm but most colourful, birds

Southern Boobook Owl : Australia's smallest native owl

Hooded Plover : an endangered native shore bird

Scarlet Robin : sweet little Australian native robin

Love chooks?

Black Octavia : Bridget's favourite chook

Esperanza : grey chicken straight from Bridget's chook pen

Aretha : ginger chicken from Bridget's flock

Guinea Fowl : Dizzy, an ex-pet of Bridget's who terrorised the local gardens

Peacock : just because they're so beautiful


Designed by Bridget Farmer in country Victoria, near Castlemaine.