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Bridget Farmer Lapel Pins

Bridget Farmer Lapel Pins


A cute way to embrace Bridget Farmer's love of birds.

Designed straight from her sketches, these quality hard enamel lapel pins make a lovely accessory. Choose one or collect a whole bunch.

Presented on a small kraft card, each badge measures approximately 4-4.5cm wide.

Seventeen designs, largely Australian natives, with a few exotic species and something for lovers of chooks!

Choose from:

Fairy Wren : always a delight in the garden

Kookaburra : iconic symbol of Australia - perfect for overseas gift giving 

Zebra Finch : Australian native often kept as a pet overseas

Magpie : love them or fear them? 

Diamond Firetail : Australian native finch 

Ganggang : native cockatoo that sounds like a creaky gate 

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo 

New Holland Honeyeater : nectar loving native

White Ibis : Australian native with a bad reputation

Willie Wagtail : tail-swishing native

Wood Duck : cute little native water bird

Plains-Wanderer : a small, ground-dwelling, grassland native, critically endangered with less than 1000 birds left in the wild

Black Throated Finch : currently threatened by the Adani coalmine

Wedge Tailed Eagle

Love chooks?

Black Octavia : Bridget's favourite chook

Esperanza : grey chicken straight from Bridget's chook pen

Aretha : ginger chicken from Bridget's flock

Guinea Fowl : Dizzy, an ex-pet of Bridget's who terrorised the local gardens

Peacock : just because they're so beautiful

Swift Parrot : this critically endangered bird breeds in Tasmania and migrates to the mainland

Forty Spotted Pardalote : an extremely rare little bird found only in a small region of southern Tasmania

Designed by Bridget Farmer in country Victoria, near Castlemaine.