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Botanical Bath Melts


Take your bath ritual to the next level of nurturing with these luxurious botanical bath melts.
Once considered an indulgence, rejuvenating baths are fast becoming sensible self-care in these challenging times of stress and isolation.
Containing pure, organic shea and cocoa butter infused with dried chamomile and calendula flowers, relax and unwind as the botanicals release their scent and the oils nourish your skin.
75g bar, can be used all at once, or cut into pieces for a number of baths.
Vegan, palm oil free, 100% natural, zero waste.
Small batch handmade in Maleny by Tree Fox.
About Tree Fox
In the tranquil mountain forests of Maleny, Joanna Blaylock lovingly tends nature’s bounty from which she slow crafts small batch herbal offerings. Building her knowledge of botanical medicine everyday she is reading, growing, using, making and developing a relationship with plants. JoJo uses heart space, intuition and common sense to formulate seasonal products, carefully creating and preparing them from home before sending them into the world with love.