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Stationers Envelopes


How special to receive a hand-written letter in the mail. And the joy of writing one to someone dear. Revive a love for snail mail with these oh-so-beautiful stationers envelopes.

Each of the ten envelopes in this boxed set features a different pattern internally printed onto brown kraft paper stock. Accompanied by 12 matching envelope seals. Envelopes are C6 size (114mm x 162mm). 


Each piece of Boots Paper stationary is purposefully made with love and integrity. And it shows.


Ethical and sustainable, limited release, using only 100% recycled stock we love Boots Paper’s core values which translate into high quality paper goods so beautiful to use. Unpretentious, and beautifully illustrated with hand-drawn, nature-based designs.


Printed in Australia by South Gippsland-based stationers Boots Paper.