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Plants are Magic Magazine Vol 4


For lovers of all things botanical. 

A magazine for  makers, dreamers and plant lovers, "Plants are Magic" is a celebration of botanical creativity and our relationship with plants.

Conceived like a timeless book to be cherished and collected, each edition offers an intimate gathering of stories, interviews and tutorials by artisans, plant growers, foragers, healers and plant lovers from around the world.

Volume 4 is themed "Home", highlights include:

  • How to make watercolour paints from petals
  • A recipe for dyeing fabric with berries
  • A recipe for a botanical anointing oil infusion
  • Tips for growing and using edible flowers
  • Recipes for purple pansy spring rolls and a delicious blueberry dipping sauce
  • How to rebalance your home taking inspiration from ayurveda
  • Three zero waste recipes (eating, cleaning and crafting)
  • How to use crystals to help your plants grow
  • Connecting with plant energy
  • Beautiful illustrated moon ritual colouring pages
  • Explore the benefits of rewilding and going barefoot
  • Inspiring interviews with insights into creative activism, herbs & running sustainable businesses.
  • Garden stories and foraging tips

A5 size (15x21cm) 113 pages, proudly ad-free, prnted on FSC certified silk paper and 'perfect bound' just like a soft cover book.

Independently published by Rebecca Desnos, a natural dyer in the UK with a vision to unite crafts such as natural dyeing and herbalism and explore the relationship between making and mindfulness. 

Buy Rebecca’s natural dyeing book, Botanical Colour at your Fingertips here.