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Leaf & Colour Book


A book about craft and creativity, colour and visual expression, but most of all, it is all about plants.
Australian artist and dyer, Louise Upshall, presents her wealth of plant dyeing experience in this inspiring and informative new book, Leaf & Colour.
A practical guide to eco-printing and natural dyeing on cotton and other plant based fibres, with a focus on natural materials and simple methods, Leaf & Colour makes it easy to begin your dyeing journey or deepen your existing practice.
Learn how to:
  • choose fabric and prepare it with soy milk binder
  • choose and gather dyestuff
  • make dye baths from leaves, flowers and bark
  • produce even and patterned dye effects
  • create clear and detailed eco-prints
  • and combine the techniques to create unique garments with leaf prints and sections of solid dye

About the Author

Gumnut Magic's Louise Upshall is an artist and maker living on Darug and Gundungurra Country in the Blue Mountains. She graduated from ANU School of Art in 2011. Inspired by the work of India Flint, she has been eco-printing since 2012, developing her own techniques for eco-printing on cotton, wool and paper. Eco-printing gives her a way to be creative in an earth-friendly and sustainable way and to connect with the land and plants around her.

Published in 2024 by Gumnut Magic / 138 pages / soft cover / size: 15 x 23cm