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KAZU Bee + Soy + Essential Oil Candles


A fresh new range of totally natural, and very classy candles from local maker, KAZU.

Blending 20% local beeswax and 80% soy wax produces a long, clean burn, 45 hours in fact.

With 100% essential oils to create earthy, unisex scents in small, limited batches, we currently have three divine blends to choose from:

no. 06 VETIVER 
Scent note: The warm top note of vetiver lined with the earth tones of patchouli and a woody base note.

no. 08 LAVENDER 
Scent note: Sweet lavender with a top note of rose. 

Scent note: The musk of cedarwood with a hint of bergamot. 

Free from paraffins and toxic chemicals with a cotton wick. 

Using local, ethical ingredients and packaging where possible, Kazu's beeswax is is sourced from a fifth generation apiary in central Victoria.

Handmade in Melbourne by KAZU.