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Heirloom Seeds : Herbs & Edible Flowers

Heirloom Seeds : Herbs & Edible Flowers


Nothing beats the pleasure of growing your own food, especially growing from seed.

Saved and passed down from generation to generation, heirloom seeds are old-time varieties (pre-dating the sixties) open-pollinated to capture exceptional taste, nutritional value, yield and disease resistance.

Based in Melbourne, The Little Veggie Patch Co. has been dedicated to helping people grow food since 2008. Each seed pack comes with detailed growing instructions.

Choose from these herbs and edible flowers or see separate listing for popular vegetables.

Parsley : classic flat leaf parsely, native to the central Mediterranean and super versatile in the kitchen

Basil : quintessential Italian pesto basil with a sweet and peppery flavour

Coriander 'Eureka' : tall standing plants, slow to bolt, the entire plants is edible and delicious

Anise Hyssop : an extra sweet anise, makes a delicious herbal tea and great herbacious border the bees will love

Strawberry 'White Soul' : alpine variety of berry, white skinned and pest resistent

Viola 'Johnny Jump Up' : this low border seems to bloom endlessly in our climate attracting beneficial insects to the garden

Cornflower 'Dwarf Polka Dot' : easy to grow, this semi dwarf cornflower provides a mix of colour

Calendula 'Pacific Beauty' : a medicinal herb, excellent cut flower, easy to grow and bees love it

Sunflower 'Hi-Sun' : up to 1.2m tall, ideal bee attracting border, providing a wind break and shade for summer crops

Thyme 'Summer' : reputedly the most flavoursome thyme, strong and sweet, with narrow, delicate grey-green leaves and pink flowers

Watermelon 'Bush Sugar Baby' : space saving variety, early yielding melons up to 30cm diametert on a compact vine