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Tagged memo pads from Japan with waterproof paper, great for outdoor adventures. Available at Tribe Castlemaine

Tagged Memo Pads : 5 designs


Sourced from Japan, these retro-style memo pads are super cool and super functional, great for outdoor adventuring.

Firstly, they're a handy, compact size and shaped for easy hold during off-road note-taking before slipping easily into back pockets. A metal reinforced hole in the top corner faciitates hanging from backpacks or belt loops for instant accessibility.

Next up, they're made from washable paper (the paper Japanese use for dry-cleaning tags, hence the name "Tagged Memo Pads"). This makes them perfect for use in the rain, by the sea and even beside the kitchen sink - if used with pencil or biro ink.

Measuring 110mm x 67mm, they contain 100 perforated pages printed with 5mm graph grid, great for notes and diagrams.

Choose from five funky vintage-inspired designs and colours.