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Handknitted 100% wool toy animals, Steiner-inspired imaginative play made by Ewe & Yarn available at Tribe Castlemaine.

Knitted Toy Animals


A farmyard full of animals provides hours of imaginative play opportunities.

Handknitted and stuffed with 100% wool, choose from a menagerie of animals:

Horse: Stands approx 13cm tall and 17cm long

Cow: Stands approx 12cm tall and 19cm long

Pig: Stands approx 8cm tall and 14cm long

Piglet: Stands approx 6cm tall and 9cm long

Sheep: Stands approx 8cm tall and 15cm long

Lamb: Stands approx 5cm tall and 9cm long

Cat: Stands approx 7cm tall and 12cm long (including tail)

Dog: Stands approx 7cm tall and 20cm long (including tail)

Mouse: Stands approx 4cm tall and 6cm long

Tiny mouse: Stands approx 3cm tall and 5cm long

Chickens: stand approx 2cm tall and 5cm long


Handmade in Castlemaine by Ewe & Yarn