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Hannakin Enamel Pins

Hannakin Enamel Pins


Super cute enamel pins, ready to adorn your clothing, lapels, bags and backpacks.

Capturing the art of Melbourne artist, Hannakin, choose from these fun designs:

Give No Fox - give off the sass-vibes, stay strong and ward off time wasters with this foxy little pin - measures 20x30mm

Mushman! - one hell of a fun guy, available in white and grey - measures 35x35mm

Soft n Sweet - promoting body positivity, as part of The Self-Sense Project, a charity artist pin sale event to raise awareness and funds for charities promoting positive body image, health, well-being and diversity - measures 30mm diameter

Avocado Bro! - happy little guy ready to bring you tropical fruity good times measures 27x40mm 

Sad Fish Club -  for those days where nothing seems to be going right, when no one is on your side and all the world is against you, a gloomy creature for all the moody folks, soggy complainers and blobby grumps - measures 30mm diameter

Party Pin - this little guy is beyond excited about bringing on the good times! Decked out in all necessary party attire he is certain to improve your enjoyment at social events by at least 50% - available in white or mint, measures 20x40mm

Timothy - the sweetest, happiest little Tapir you could gosh-darn imagine, and he's ready and waiting to join you on adventures - measures 35x45mm 

Craft Enthusiasts Club - If you think craft is cool, then this is the pin for you - welcome to the Craft Enthusiast Club! EnInspired by the nostalgic Dorcas steel pin tin many of us recognise from our crafty mothers and grandmothers sewing box - measures 35mm diameter.

Quality enamel pins held in place with secure rubber backings for security and stability.

Designed with love in Melbourne by Hannakin.