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Proud Tasmanians (one born & bred, the other a mainland import) Laurie and Helen Timms have been making eco-friendly, Tassie wool socks for over 18 years. It's a great story of one small maker's perseverance and commitment to using the best possible local, natural fibres to make the highest quality, functional products.

Back in the nineties Laurie and Helen discovered a 100 year old Tasmanian company making great socks, and started selling them at the famous Salamanca Market. When that old company went under, they made the brave decision to buy their 85 year old sock making machines, and some yarn, and to start learning how to knit socks themselves. What a journey! Those machines are cantankerous old buggers, mongrels by nature, yet through challenging trial and error and a unwavering commitment to quality, Mongrel Socks was born.

antique sock making machine Mongrel Tasmanis

Coupled with extensive research into natural fibre products they now offer a unique range of tried and tested, eco-friendly, local-produced, super comfy and funky socks and woollen accessories.

Why Tassie Wool is Best

Mongrel socks are made with certified Tasmanian grown and non-mulesed 20.5 pure merino wool. A scarce and luxuriously soft fibre, Tasmanian merino is the product of nature, careful environmental stewardship, and over 180 years of knowledge and experience. Tasmanian wool growers have consistently produced the world’s finest merino wool since 1829. GMO free and officially boasting the world’s cleanest air, pure, fresh water and four distinct seasons, Tasmania provides the ideal conditions for happy sheep growing luxury fine merino wool.

Super Green Credentials

The Mongrel Tasmanis workshop is as green as it can be, employing natural drying processes rather than power hungry methods, collecting rainwater, using skylights to provide 90% of lighting needs, recycling and reusing cardboard and plastics, using natural, soy based dyes in packaging and replenishing their acreage for carbon capture and soil improvement.

Pure Tasmanian merino wool socks from Mongrel Tasmanis available at Tribe Castlemaine

Love old machinery? Check out this short video of Mongrel Tasmanis's antique sock making machine in action here 


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