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Introducing the Hammered Leatherworks team, Bec and Adam Fogarty, AKA,  Mr Hammered, husband and wife based in Perth, Western Australia.

What is the ethos behind Hammered Leatherworks?

We believe in happiness! The journey of making objects and creating spaces that bring joy, happiness and a smile maybe even a giggle. We believe in making, making should be fun, enjoyable and satisfying. This is why we put everything in the box. If you're sewing it, hanging it, planting it or gifting it we are 100% there for you.

Tell us about your process and materials?

 Hammered Leatherworks from Tribe

Sumptuous, ethical and environmentally responsible leather

All of our leathers are processed to the ISO 14001 regulations. This means that they meet the international standard for environmental management. We belive in supporting family owned businesses so our leather comes from Brazil and Italy where the tanneries started producing back in 1943. The environment is respected and legacy of the tanning process is passed on generation to generation.

Our leathers are custom made in colours chosen by Bec herself. Currently the range includes natural, khaki, black, tan, olive and navy.

Quality Hardware and Threads

We believe that quality supplies and hardware are what brings out this noble materials' character. If you are going to take the time to hand stitch leather you want an heirloom quality piece that will endure a lifetime, so we've brought together the highest quality hardware and threads we can find. The 7ply and 4ply waxed linen threads in the kits are hand dyed and waxed in Ireland. This means we can offer a beautiful range of unique and bright colours that will not be found anywhere else. Our silver hardware from buckles to buttons are all designed in USA and ethically manufactured around the world.

Precision Cut Leather pieces
We believe the key to success is having a finished item you have made that would rival the wares you find in any high end store. To achieve this we precision cut every edge, hole and slot to ensure the pieces go together perfectly every time for you.

Hammered Leatherworks

Tools do I need any tools?
Apart from a pair of scissors to trim the thread to length everything you need is in the box. We now supply all kits with a high quality John James saddlers needle. The right tools make the best finish just that much closer.

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